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With the economy showing no signs of recovery, we thought now was a good time to highlight which destinations in South and Central America offer the best value for money.
For some it is simply a cheap place to travel whilst for others it is what you do when you are there that makes it a ‘value for money' destination.
In order to get the lowest price for your holiday book your flights early. This will secure the cheapest seats allowing you spend your hard earned cash on the hotels you want. Once at your chosen country avoid too much moving around as transfers to and from places can push your price up quickly.

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. International flights are reasonable priced, cost of food is low and general travel is inexpensive.
Bolivia. The cheapest country in South America though you may pay a little more for the airfare to get here.
Mexico. We recommend hiring a car which is the cheapest way to get around but it also gives you the freedom to explore the Yucatan Peninsula on your own.
Brazil. Fly directly into the north east of the country to Salvador, Natal or Fortaleza and avoid Rio de Janeiro will save you money on your airfares.
Honduras. By combining the Bay islands and Pico Bonito and using the ferries from the mainland to link the two you can catch a bargain.

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